Domain Name Registration

ICEDdesign can organise your domain name registration. Your domain name represents your "address" on the internet. For example -
Your domain name is yours to keep as long as yearly renewal payments are kept up to date. Domain Name Registration is the first part of designing your website, as it is part of your business identity and image.

Just like your logo or crest, your domain name is something that your clients will recognize and relate it to your services, products and reputation.

You can register your preferred domain name even if you are not ready to design your website yet. This will ensure that you have your unique address that no-one else can avail of. If you would like to see if your preferred domain name is available please email us. Try to keep the name as short and memorable as possible.

Hosting Space

ICEDdesign can sort the hosting of your web site. Hosting is like "renting" space on a server so that your site is connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Your domain name points to your hosting space and allows anyone who clicks on it to see the content that is being displayed.

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